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Recent research indicates that most down-cow deaths occur secondary to exposure – hypothermia and insufficient energy levels. Cows may go down due to metabolic imbalances or physical injury, but it is the care that they receive that is crucial to their survival.   


The Wrappa Survival Cover is designed to provide superior protection to any down cow.   Made of heavy 18oz canvas, Wrappa has an insulated layer through the top made with an air-cell sandwiched between two foil layers to minimise the likelihood of hypothermia. The cover is designed  with a  weighted edge that sits on the ground to minimise air flow and draughts around the cow and tabs for pegs to hold it in place in the worst of conditions. A polypropylene neck scarf wraps around to cover the large vessels of the neck and further reduce heat loss. Reflective strips down each side make it simple to find and check the cow after dark. When the patient is ready to get up the magnetic closures at the front of the cover readily part under the pressure of her movement, allowing her to rise unencumbered. 


The Bivvy Survival Shelter is the lightweight answer to the down cow’s needs. Weighing just over 3kg and supplied in a convenient carry bag, Bivvy provides immediate shelter and convenience to the busy farmer. It has the same features of a weighted edge, magnetic closure and reflective strips as the Wrappa, but is made of lighter but strong PN fabric with a foil lining to help reflect and retain heat. The Bivvy has loops to peg it in place if needed and the polypropylene scarf has been replaced by an extended peak over the neckline.  Cover your cow with a Bivvy until you have time to shift her indoors or alternatively place other covers or hay underneath to improve the insulation while Bivvy protects her from the worst of winter storms.  

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