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Equi-Gold : Calcivite Plus
Action: Formulated to supply a balanced source of calcium and phosphorus plus selected vitamins and..
Ex Tax: $36.43
Description:  Includes extracts of rice bran oil.  FEED ADDITIVE  Easy to a..
Ex Tax: $78.26
Equine America : Biotin Xtra 2.5kg
Biotin Xtra Powder is a palatable, cost-effective supplement to support hoof health Biotin Xtra Pow..
Ex Tax: $37.35
Equine America : Blackdraw 400g
To Aid in the Treatment of an abscess and Stone Bruises For use as a drawing agent for hooves. Ca..
Ex Tax: $64.30
Equine America : Bleader Gard 908g
Help your horse perform better by taking the pressure off! Oxygen is taken into the body through ..
Ex Tax: $144.30
Equine America : Cortaflex HA & Silicon Powder
For the maintenance of Healthy Joints. Cortaflex HA & Silicon for Joints is our flagship prod..
Ex Tax: $99.96
Equine America : Cortaflex® solution 946ml
For the maintenance of Healthy Joints. Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Cortaflex® solution econom..
Ex Tax: $104.30
Equine America : Glucosamine 12,000 + MSM + HA
A high quality Glucosamine supplement. If its Glucosamine you want, this won’t disappoint! Now 12..
Ex Tax: $59.09
Equine America : Like Ice Natural Clay 2.7kg
Cooling After Exercise. Sorboplex, the special ingredient in Like Ice, begins working on contact ..
Ex Tax: $47.78
Equine America : No More Moods 1L
Healthy hormone level support. Hormone imbalances in mares can lead to ‘stroppy’, unwilling behav..
Ex Tax: $82.57
Equine America : Pro-fenn Powder 454g
Pro-fenn Powder – new product. A safe and natural alternative to Devil’s Claw for joint..
Ex Tax: $78.22
Equine America : So Kalm Paste
Reduce Stress, promote calming and Improve Concentration. Horses can experience nervousness and t..
Ex Tax: $39.09
Equine America : So Kalm Solution 946ml
Reduce Stress, promote calming and Improve Concentration. Horses can experience nervousness and t..
Ex Tax: $72.13
Equine America : Tye Gard 1L
For healthy equine muscle function. Fast exercise produces lactic acid in the muscle and as a res..
Ex Tax: $83.43
Equine America : ULS-Gard Plus Solution 1L
For Gastric Health. The ultimate diet for horses should be free access to grazing grass and a suf..
Ex Tax: $91.26
Seahorse : Maxia Complete
Maxia Complete is a unique, 100% natural marine multi mineral complex providing bio-active, organic ..
Ex Tax: $43.04
Replaces more of what is actually lost in sweat.  Inadequate electrolyte replacement after s..
Ex Tax: $26.43
Vet Pro :  B-Boost    10pk
B Boost     B group vitamins are essential for the conversion of chemical energ..
Ex Tax: $117.39
Vet Pro : Quick-lyte 10pk
Quicklyte   The intense muscular activity associated with training and competition, whe..
Ex Tax: $117.39
Vet Pro : Relax
Equine Relax   Calming Formula for Horses Horses can become tense for many reasons, ..
Ex Tax: $56.96
Vet Pro : Selenium K
Equine Selenium K   Cells need energy – energy to drive muscles, digest food, transmit ..
Ex Tax: $30.43
Vet Pro : Vitamin E
Equine Vitamin E     Equine Vitamin E is a cherry flavoured supplement in ..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Virbac : Neutradex
Print   LinkedIn Neutradex® A caramel flavoured syrup formulated to combat..
Ex Tax: $48.04
Virbac : Recharge 1L
Print   LinkedIn Recharge A convenient liquid formulation for rapid fluid ..
Ex Tax: $55.87
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